You appreciate practical advantages of glass, but you are also enchanted by the smoothness of textiles? In PRIVA-LITE TEXGLASS we have combined these two advantages in a nearly perfect way.


We have combined the qualities of glass and textiles, that is smoothness and easy maintenance with interesting chiaroscuro effects and a delicate texture.

Together with our partner NYA NORDISKA, producer of unique textiles, we have created PRVA-LITE TEXGLASS. The glass is electrically controlled and you can easily turn an opaque wall enriched with the texture of textiles into a transparent surface, ornamented with only a delicate pattern of the fabric.

Distinct texture

PRIVA-LITE TEXGLASS is simply beautiful, both in the ON and OFF condition. If you like a distinct modern style, choose SCENOTEC CS 13 GREY.

Romantic elegance

Beauty is a perfect addition to functionality. Are you looking for inspiring ideas for a unique partition? Perfect! You will best select the type of texture yourself, although in our opinion perhaps it is advisable to have a closer look at GLISSY 04 GOLD.

Delicate modernity

Everybody sometimes feels like having something surprising around. Are you planning to divide e.g. your living room with a glass wall ornamented with a delicate pattern? Consider the product ALICIA 91 IVORY. Thanks to changeable transparency you can benefit from the privacy you need, or enjoy a truly extraordinary design.



Minimalism is fashionable. We appreciate interiors without excessive overload, as well, although sometimes they may seem somewhat cold. Therefore, we have combined the extraordinary texture of fabrics with the PRIVA-LITE glass and this is how PRIVA-LITE TEXGLASS came into being.

Keeping your home clean does not have to be a torture.

We like curtains, drapes, and other textiles that warm up interiors. But there is no denying that keeping our interiors clean is more difficult with them. We wanted to introduce softness and warmth of textiles to the interior design, and at the same time to avoid the nuisance connected with keeping them clean. And we have done it!

Colour stopped in time.

A characteristic feature of textiles is the fact that in time they get faded and they are no longer so impressive. We have laminated fabrics between glass panes and thanks to this you can enjoy their intense colour for a long time.


Material that combines softness of textiles with switchable glass. You can choose one of the NYA NORDISKA textiles, which we will laminate for you.

Dimensions and thicknesses

Our standard glass panes are at least 13 mm and 333.8 thick, but if you have different needs, other dimensions are also available (8-33 mm). You can order glass panels in sizes from 200x300 to 1000x3750mm.

Power supply

In order to connect PRIVA-LITE TEXGLASS, apply the voltage of 100 - 230 V.

Operating conditions

We have designed PRIVA-LITE TEXGLASS so that it could operate most efficiently in temperatures ranging from -20 to 60°C.


PRIVA-LITE TEXGLASS has been granted the CE and DOP certificates.


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