We combined the mobility of glass panel with the switchable glass feature, enabling you to use all the possibilities of PRIVA-LITE pivot doors.


Doors are indispensable everywhere, and you can additionally optically increase your space applying glass doors.

Even though transparent glass doors are generally a very good solution to make a room larger and brighter, sometimes seeing the adjacent room can be a real nuisance.
In such cases the perfect option would be a pivot door with PRIVA-LITE switchable glass.

Well-lit halls in clinics

The use of PRIVA-LITE doors in a common space of a clinic enables you to clearly see which treatment room is unoccupied. Moreover, the corridor space appears larger while the currently operating treatment rooms are visually separated.

Privacy in offices

With transparent glass doors in office rooms, your customers will have a better understanding of who they can talk to. If you need to hold important meetings away from the prying eyes, simply select the OFF setting.

Well-lit bathrooms

If you stay alone in a hotel room, you can set the door glazing in the transparent mode and enjoy daylight in your bathroom. In case you share a room with someone else, you may sometimes need some privacy in the bathroom.


Increase and separate space

With pivot doors you can can not only connect rooms by opening the door but also visually increase or limit the space by using the PRIVA-LITE glazing effect.

Introduce newest trends

Glass doors are among the most popular trends in modern interior design. They give interiors an elegant and light look while the use of PRIVA-LITE glazing adds to their functionality.

Enjoy the "wow" effect

With PRIVE-LITE glazing you will always get the "wow" effect, no matter if you install it as a glass wall or another partition wall. Use it in your pivot door and enjoy the uniqueness of this solution!


This product combines switchable glass with a pivot door system. You can select a single door or a double door.

Dimensions and thicknesses

We offer PIVOT DOOR leafs in widths starting from 900 mm, with glazing thickness of 12 mm. The door leaf is designed for use with PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC, XL or COLOR glazing.

Power supply

PRIVA-LITE pivot door system is designed for use with PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC or XL. You can also use PRIVA-LITE COLOR. In order to power PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC use the output voltage of 100 VAC and input voltage of 100 - 230 VAC. With PRIVA-LITE XL or COLOR you can use the output voltage of only 65 VAC and input voltage of 100 - 230 VAC.

Color options

Select one of the colorful mounting systems to match your room. You can use EVA1-silver anodized, C31-gold anodized or RAL color palettes. If you decide to install PRIVA-LITE COLOR glazing, you can choose one of the 12 glazing colors.


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