PRIVA-LITE glass in French GLASSACTU bulletin
January, 01, 2017

Please find extensive and comprehensive information in the latest issue of the GLASSACTU newsletter on PRIVA-LITE glass produced at Glassolutions plant in Pruszkow, Poland.
“PRIVA-LITE is a formidable image vector, displaying the innovation spirit and success of our customers. Thanks to 20 years of continuous innovations, Saint-Gobain is the only company today that offers a complete range of 4 products based on the PRIVA-LITE technology, covering all creative possibilities’– says our expert, Philippe Coquery.
Issued quarterly newsletter reaches a wide audience of customers of Saint-Gobain on the French market. Through January issue, consumers have a chance to know the properties of PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC and XL, PRIVA-LITE COLOR and PRIVA-LITE  TEXGLASS.