Swedish Big Brother Show is back on TV.
November, 11, 2015

Now Big Brother is back in Sweden. The 10th season of the Big Brother reality show is said to be the most updated, smartest and futuristic season in the autumn on Channel 11. On October,  11th the new participants went into the house. Now a big question is, who will be the last one left in the Big Brother House and who will steal the viewers' hearts?
It is clear that our PRIVA - LITE glass was used to create an excitement when the participants will vote who is going to leave the house.
PRIVA - LITE is an active laminated glass that under the effect of an electric current switches from translucent to transparent. At first opaque (OFF mode), PRIVA-LITE glass becomes clear when ON. The transformation from opaque to clear is possible with wall switches, remote controls, movement & light sensors and timers.
PRIVA-LITE glass can be used for internal applications: office & house partitions, sliding doors, back projection screens and many others.