Hotelowy apartament z prywatnością na życzenie.
January, 23, 2017

Providing guests with the sense of comfort and optical increase of space of the hotel room by means of a glass partition are extremely important aspects in every hotel. In  order to meet its Customers’ expectations, the Holiday Inn Hotel in Dąbrowa Górnicza offers accommodation in a suite where a partition between the room and the bathroom is made of the switchable PRIVA-LITE XL glass. Thanks to this the space of the room seems bigger, and through the glass partition daylight reaches the bathroom.

January, 13, 2017

Ahead of us are the global Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Building Systems - BAU, one of the biggest industry events of the year which will be held on 16-21 of January.  Building materials and systems of the world’s leading manufacturers will be shown in the exhibition area of Messe München

January, 12, 2017

Please find extensive and comprehensive information in the latest issue of the GLASSACTU newsletter on PRIVA-LITE glass produced at Glassolutions plant in Pruszkow, Poland.
“PRIVA-LITE is a formidable image vector, displaying the innovation spirit and success of our customers. Thanks to 20 years of continuous innovations, Saint-Gobain is the only company today that offers a complete range of 4 products based on the PRIVA-LITE technology, covering all creative possibilities’– says our expert, Philippe Coquery.

Saint-Gobain at Big 5 Dubai
January, 11, 2017

Like every year, this largest construction event in Middle East attracted thousands of exhibitors from all over the world. The Big 5 Fair, held on 21-24 November 2016, was visited by over 78,000 participants, among whom there were architects, constructors, and representatives of leading companies from the construction industry. Saint-Gobain, one of the leaders in glass production, could not but organise its stand there, which presented innovative brand products, such as e.g. PRIVA-LITE XL COLOR and Texglass.

November, 21, 2016

Enjoy a short movie filmed at GLASSTEC, which took place on September, 20-23 in Dusseldorf. The fair was an opportunity to show the wide exposure of Saint-Gobain glass and a spectacular show of switchable PRIVA-LITE glass.
Our movie* is a rapid shortcut part of a huge amount of events that took place during one of the biggest glass fairs in the world.
 *Mobile phones of Saint-Gobain employers have been used for movie shooting.

November, 3, 2016

Hall 1/ stand D39
From 15 to 18 November, at Porte de Versailles, Paris - France

November, 3, 2016

Interior glass comes in many shapes, sizes and finishes. For its stand at the Interieur Kortrijk trade fair, the market leader Saint-Gobain Building Glass Benelux has, however, resolutely opted to focus on the material itself. Interior glass material in all its aesthetic facets. Pure, yet cut. This is all thanks to the experience designers at bump, who have devised a very distinctive sculpture in which 13 different sheets of glass play a star role.

October, 20, 2016


October, 6, 2016

Saint Gobain: stand 638 - Hal 6 

September, 9, 2016

We would like to inform you that our company will attend the GLASSTEC exhibition held in Germany, Dusseldorf during 20-23 September 2016.
We sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our stand.

August, 31, 2016

What is EPD?
Environmental Product Declaration is an official document granted to the building materials which takes into account product’s influence on natural environment, from manufacturing to disposal. The declaration includes a detailed description of the product which includes data concerning environmental performance of the product.

teleco set
March, 29, 2016

No doubt a great benefit for customers - a new sophisticated, elegant and chic design.

November, 9, 2015

Now Big Brother is back in Sweden. The 10th season of the Big Brother reality show is said to be the most updated, smartest and futuristic season in the autumn on Channel 11. On October, 11th the new participants went into the house. Now a big question is, who will be the last one left in the Big Brother House and who will steal the viewers' hearts?

November, 2, 2015

On November, 2/6 2015 in Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Park were held three fairs of the construction sector BATIMAT, INTERCLIMA + ELEC and IDEOBAIN. This year's meeting of professionals in the construction industry were based on three main pillars: innovation, information and improvement of professional skills and business contacts.

October, 26, 2015

PRIVA-LITE switchable glass is a unique solution for private houses. In our new project in Bordeaux, France a PRIVA-LITE glass was installed between the living room and the kitchen – to allow the dwellers control the transparency and translucency (can transform the surface of glass from clear to opaque) with no alteration of light transmission. PRIVA-LITE eliminates the need of curtains or blinds. Cooking in the kitchen or sitting in the living room you can enjoy the privacy and decide about it with a simply flick of the switch. ON/OFF – just like that. You and your family will admire that.

October, 22, 2015

During the second part of 2015 Glassolutions Poland presented a fresh look at modern trends in architecture displaying a new, mobile exhibition center in 3 big Polish cities.

June, 5, 2015

On June, 5th UNTEC exhibition is organized with the national congress of prescribers and economists, in Tours, France. Saint-Gobain HABITAT had prepared a global Saint-Gobain stand, with part for Saint-Gobain Glass. Saint-Gobain Glassolutions Prescription team in France was represented, also Saint-Gobain Glass, it was an occasion to exchange the latest PRIVA-LITE news internally too. An exhibition is not directly for existing projects, but it is useful to make technology well-known. Its advantage - it is focused on Building Economists.

Architect work in Copenhagen
June, 4, 2015

On June, 3rd&4th, 2015, GLASSOLUTIONS in Denmark participated at ARCHITECT@WORK in Copenhagen. There were a huge interest especially for PRIVA-LITE and TEX GLASS, both as single product and also in combination. In addition there was also a very nice response of PRIVA-LITE STADIP COLOR and PICTUREit. We got a lot of interesting visitors on our exhibition stand, so we are looking forward following up.

Glassolution in Dubai
May, 21, 2015

As the number one interior design exhibition in the Middle East and North African region, INDEX attracts a highly relevant and motivated target audience, including: architects, interior designers, interior architects, retail managers, purchase managers, manufacturers & suppliers and procurement managers. Glassolutions products were presented during this fair between 18 – 21 of May.

May, 18, 2015

On May,18th Jour/Nuit exhibition at Glasshouse in Paris took place. Again our PRIVA-LITE products were shown there. Joel Guenoun is a known Parisian Artist, who accepted to participate to the Saint-Gobain 350Y event with his prestigious 350 Years exhibition. PRIVA-LITE has a place of choice, the technology was used to create changing images, enabling the artist to play with the illusion of partial designs.

Warsaw science picnic
May, 9, 2015

19th Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre organized in Warsaw is the largest Europen open-air event related to science. Every year the Science Picnic is attended by around 200 institutions from Poland and all around the world. There are different disciplines represented: the science, natural science, social and humanities. The event provides a wealth of demonstrations, experiments and presentations - every year over 1000.

Smart glass
May, 7, 2015

On 6 - 7 of May 2015 PRIVA-LITE & EGLAS TECH DAYS Meeting was held at Glassolutions in Poland Pruszkow, which gathered our products vendors from all over the world. During the two-day meeting, participants had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and compare their experience with the knowledge of their colleagues from other countries.

exhibition in Kortrijk
April, 24, 2015

On April, 23rd&24th 2015, The ArchitectAtWork exhibition took place in Kortrijk organized by SGGS Belgium. It was a very nice exhibition, different from casual products, only novelties are allowed to be shown and it is dedicated to architects. There was shown PRIVA-LITE INTERACTIVE panel and some TEXGLASS, too. Saint-Gobain Glass and Weber presented TIMELESS there, too.

April, 24, 2015

On April, 24th some novelties of PRIVA-LITE products were displayed for the 350 Years Saint-Gobain anniversary during the exhibition at Glasshouse Paris. The idea of such innovations was to show a transformation of different pictures display on one PRIVA-LITE panel. A single panel was laminated of a front design panel, PRIVA-LITE glass and a back design panel. When PRIVA-LITE was in ON mode – for example a bird becomes a mutton, the cat a bird… etc.

modern home
January, 26, 2015

In December 2015 in Cracow a project of the construction of the Intelligent Construction Laboratory was completed, unique in the European scale. The most advanced materials and solutions were used to build the Laboratory, thanks to which it satisfies the standards of a low-energy building. Its attractive façade is decorated with the PRIVA-LITE XL switchable glass, supplied by GLASSOLUTIONS Saint-Gobain.

Trade Fair for Architecture
January, 24, 2015

BAU 2015, the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, has broken through the 250,000-visitor barrier for the first time in its 50-year history. The six days of this fair—in which all the exhibition space has long been fully booked—attracted 251,200 visitors: that´s over 16,000 more than in 2013. Around 72,000 people came from abroad—that´s 20 percent more than last time. In its role as an "architects´ trade event", BAU once again consolidated its reputation. Around 65,000 of the total number of visitors were from architectural and planning offices, which is another increase on the figures for 2013.

January, 9, 2015

350 years of Saint-Gobain existence… On this occasion, the group has prepared a number of events and activities to refer not only to the long history, but above all international character and innovative company. The world tour started Mobile Pavilions Saint-Gobain, dedicated to learn the world with all the senses. The first stop on the Pavilions route is Asia. From January, the 9th the pavilions visit the residents of Shanghai. This year the remarkable constructions visit also Sao Paolo, Philadelphia and Paris.

check duchesse berry
January, 5, 2015

This year, Saint-Gobain is celebrating its 350th anniversary. An exceptional anniversary that the Group will mark by promoting its history, but with its sights set firmly on the future, throughout 2015, year that will be packed full of events. The celebrations began on the 9th of January in Shanghai (China) and will end in October in Paris (France).

check home of the year
December, 5, 2014

The "Home of the Year" challenge organised by the Union des Maisons Françaises (UMF), a French association of home builders, was held on November 26 in Barcelona (Spain). This 11th edition earned the special jury award and the gold award for 2015 in the category of "Remarkable Achievements" to the Chôra Home Built By Igc. located in Toulouse, and inaugurated on June 2014, the Chôra house offers two Saint-Gobain's state-of-the-art solutions: PLACO® partition walls to create a perfect sound space, and Glassolutions Intelligent Glass. It is a true witness of a successful co-development by IGC and SAINT-GOBAIN Groupe.

Privacy Glass
November, 2, 2014

GLASSTEC Fair in Dusseldorf is the biggest exhibition of glass in the world.
PRIVA-LITE is a unique solution, combining changeable transparency with other amazing functions. It is an active glass that under the effect of an electric current, switches from translucent to transparent.
The main applications for PRIVA-LITE? Indoor partitions where privacy is needed, meeting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, entrance halls or security checkpoints in banks, hospitals, post offices and police stations. Back projection screens, swinging or sliding doors, floor or ceiling tiles, facades or display windows.
PRIVA-LITE stays innovative through launching new products functions with PRIVA-LITE platform program. It was proved by placing three panels on GLASSTEC.