GLASSOLUTIONS gives a 5-year warranty on the functionality of the PRIVA-LITE. This guarantee is valid only if the instructions contained in our installation and maintenance guide are followed. 

  1. Unpack the PRIVA-LITE glass from wooden racks by removing a cover and carrying then glass to the installation site. Please do not forget about electrical accessories (if attached) placed inside of a wooden rack before a rack discard.
  2. Before glass installation please consider placement of power supplies and accessories to supply PRIVA-LITE glass with electricity. Electrical installation should be done by a certified electrician due to electric installation guides delivered by Glassolutions Saint-Gobain. Accessories installation can be done separately the glass installation itself.
  3. Carry on with the PRIVA-LITE glass installation according to the PRIVA-LITE glass installation guides delivered by Glassolutions Saint-Gobain.
  4. Install the profiles and make drillings in them to let the glazing cables go out of the glass profile to let them be connected by extension cable to a power supply. Placement for holes drillings should be considered due to electrodes position.
  5. Check whether glass profile has been chosen properly by its width and height. Check whether inner surface of the profile is even and none of elements or screws stick out.
  6. Prior to glass installation plan how the glass should be installed in the order of sequence.
  7. Before glass placement in a profile please put setting blocks, made preferably from hard unvarnished wood, one under each corner 50mm from the corner towards middle of the glass. Setting block should be min. 8mm in height and 50mm in length. Setting blocks’ width due to a profile width.
  8. Prior to glass installation clean the surface in the direction the glass will be carried. Glass should be carried with suckers usage. If the glass must be placed on the ground please put some wooden material to keep on it right before profile placement.
  9. Glass should be installed tilted. First the top of the glass and then the bottom. Before the top placement in a profile put the cable through a profile.
  10. Glass cannot be squeezed by a profile from the sides. Free space should be at least 1mm per side for gasket or silicon application.
  11. If glass is butt joined with no profiles at the vertical edges then leave 4mm distance between the glasses for silicon application. Before either silicon or TESA tape installation clean a raw PRIVA-LITE glass edge by warm water with some soap first. If standard 2mm thick TESA tape is to be applied then put the tape first according to TESA tape installation specification and then pressurize the second glass for 2mm distance.
  12. Clean the glass surface after protecting a bottom profile by silicone or a gasket to prevent water interference. Before cleaning start please follow use & maintenance guides delivered by Glassolutions Saint-Gobain.