PRIVA-LITE – modern and sophisticated architecture solutions.

PRIVA-LITE – dynamic support for communication.

PRIVA-LITE – comfort of intimacy, light, acoustics and safety.



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The most unique advantages of PRIVA-LITE:
  • Saint-Gobain quality and warranty
  • Safety, durability, validated by SAINT-GOBAIN Labs, EC certificates.
  • Best transparency level in ON state (PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC).
  • Easy and safe plug and play installation.
  • Unique range of glass combination possibilities.
  • Choice of two PRIVA-LITE product lines.
  • The warranty of SAINT-GOBAIN Group.
  • Over 20 years of experience with PRIVA-LITE technology.
  • New ultra-modern production plant.
  • PRIVA-LITE as laminated glass protects against harmful UV rays and ensures safety against external threats.
  • PRIVA-LITE determines your privacy, you can control the transparency, on demand.
  • PRIVA-LITE has high light transmittance.
  • PRIVA-LITE haze factor is tested for every single glass panel.
  • Efficient use of PRIVA-LITE as a partition – give you plenty opportunities to enlarge your space – and makes your place unique with hi tech solution.
  • PRIVA-LITE is energy efficient.
  • PRIVA-LITE can be used in external application in DGU and TGU for façade needs.
  • SGG PRIVA-LITE – most recognized brand name for the technology.

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PRIVA-LITE is widely used in architecture from public to private spaces due to the additional functionalities it offers. If you are in the developed world, whether you are in a shopping centre, airport, hotel or hospital, you must be impressed by the sheer scale of architectural glass installations .



SAINT-GOBAIN, one of world's leaders in the glass industry for over three centuries, and a reference in terms of quality and know-how, has been developing and improving the PRIVA-LITE technology for 20 years.

We provide comprehensive solutions of the highest quality. In our factories, we use both the latest technologies, as well as traditional, proven production methods. Our innovative products create multifunctional spaces that respond to the needs of users.

PRIVA-LITE benefits a 5 years SAINT-GOBAIN warranty on the quality and functioning of the glass panels. PRIVA-LITE is manufactured in Europe, hand has the CE label. It is also tested to the IPX7 electric standard, to be a safe choice for wet environments like bathrooms. Knowledge and experience of the Saint-Gobain guarantee stability and professional service.

Design and modernity are not just synonyms of comfort and well-being, but they also contribute to the image of a place or a company.

GLASSOLUTIONS priority of the company is to provide access to a wide range of modern and innovative solutions for the expected level of comfort, convenience and aesthetics.

PRIVA-LITE embellishes and changes the atmosphere in the places where it is installed, thanks to its "magical" effect. The instant change of state provoke admiration and enthusiasm!

PRIVA-LITE adds also a "high-tech" image to the rooms, and is an added value factor to real estate.

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